When you are up to something, you need to say something - even if the words and thoughts are not there. At least a few mumbles are necessary. The case is true with me. And having come to a stage where this simple site is now ready for view, well, I must write something about it even if my mind is empty right at this very moment....

The idea of creating a site was always there. I wanted something beautiful...as beautiful and as inspiring and encouraging as the words that I sent out daily. Don't  get me wrong there! If the stories and quotes that I tweeted and posted are not inspiring and encouraging enough for me I would never do it. I spent hours forming words, playing with sentences, dreaming up thoughts and searching and surfing for suitable quotes and stories. It is an altogether entirely different story that I have a large, yes, substantially, collection of books, files (Word & PDF), and other materials which came in very handy.

The fact of the matter is that you can't create a website as inspiring as the one that you conceived in your mind's eye. The result could be very different. And when it is FREE, you can well imagine how much more difficult the choices would be. And what we have here is the best that I could come up with. Still, the many painstaking hours of labour trying to fix the nitty-gritty have helped to make it what it is. And I'm delighted with the result.

But why built a website?

I look at this website as a one-stop place where many of my works are integrated. My Facebook pages, Twitter accounts and blog have been displayed so that people who have been following me for the last almost 18 months can easily find what I'm have been doing all these months. Many of my friends around of the who have been following me on Twitter do not know that I have an active Facebook page, and vice versa. I t is my earnest effort to connect together all my friends here, and interact in a more meaningful way.

In fine, it has been an awesome journey. When my world was turned upside down, I searched for meaning and purpose and God directed me to this humble ministry so as to serve the hundreds of thousands of people who are hurting, broken, devastated and shattered. There is no end to sorrow, and there is no meaning in life except the one built around the mighty fortress, Jesus Christ. He is our Hope, our Comforter and a Refuge in times of trouble. Lean on Him and everything else will dissipate into nothingness. No sorrow is too deep for Him to soothe, no pain is too difficult for Him to cure.

It is my prayer that I'll continue to minister to the needs of many friends around the world through this site and others social networking sites that I engage in.

Continue to find inspiration and encouragement here but let the Word of God be your greatest inspiration!

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    An optimist by choice and a pessimist by nature, I'm forever looking forward to a better tomorrow. I have been crushed but the blows have never made a permanent mark on my life. Like the Psalmist, I believe that pain may endure for a night but joy will come in the morning.


    May 2011